Note: I'm not currently job-hunting (at least at the time of writing this). But this theme comes with a resume page and — hey, what's wrong with admitting that one day this page likely will be needed.
To flow with the informal tone of this site: I'm passionate about communicating. But especially about big ideas that can change the world.
More than anything else, and any job title, I'm a creative. I love coming up with ideas and kicking off projects! 💡.

MA, Political Journalism

City University London

BCL / Law

University College Cork


Communications Manager

Sir Ronald Cohen

I've been working with Sir Ronald, a pioneer in the world of impact investing, since 2022. My responsibilities include providing a broad range of communications inputs including media relations, media monitoring, video production, and social media management.

Marketing Communications Manager


Prior to growing a freelancing business into a full-time consultancy, I managed marketing communications on behalf of an industrial IoT company. My responsibilities included drafting technical sales materials including white papers describing advances in IoT radio connectivity (NB-IoT, Zigbee, Z-Wave) for a target market of water industry experts, smart city systems integrators, and municipal governments.

Marketing Communications Manager


I initiated a sales and marketing function on behalf of a political technology provider selling canvassing technology to politicians, NGOs, and lobbyists.

Other Professional Experience


Public relations for technology companies; ghostwriting on behalf of technology executives.

  • Writing and editing
  • Data Visualization
  • Linux, Open Source
  • Git
  • Video Production
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