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I'm passionate about communicating. But especially about big ideas that can change the world.
More than anything else, and any job title I've held, I'm a creative. It's the quality that defines my best work and is when I'm at my most productive and happy.
I love working at the intersection of technology and communications, where I've spent most of my career to date.
I don't like technology because I like code (I've gotten the why don't you become a developer? question a few times over the years). I like technology because it's an incredible enabler of creative pursuits and a wonderful democratising force too - allowing small committed teams to achieve great things.
I currently work on behalf of a philanthropist. My mission is broad: furthering the success of his non-profit interests.

While the contexts are different, the challenge remains essentially the same: in a crowded media market, how can we communicate what we're about as engagingly as possible?

I've worked in-house at technology companies, out-of-house with agencies, and (in my current role) report directly to an individual. Clients have ranged in size from publicly-traded companies to small startups and in geography from the far East to the US and Israel, where I live.
None of these variables, however, have defined my best work. What has is a shared creative vision for how to achieve something big and a dash or two of creativity about how to get there.
My work style, like everyone's is idiosyncratic: I'm big into focus work. I love email and would rather overshare than leave out details (ChatGPT is helping me preface the details section with summaries!). I believe that in life and in work, transparency is key.


MA, Political Journalism

City University London

BCL / Law

University College Cork


Communications Manager

Sir Ronald Cohen

I've been working with Sir Ronald, a pioneer in the world of impact investing, since 2022. My responsibilities include providing a broad range of communications inputs including media relations, media monitoring, video production, and social media management.

Marketing Communications Manager


Prior to growing a freelancing business into a full-time consultancy, I managed marketing communications on behalf of an industrial IoT company. My responsibilities included drafting technical sales materials including white papers describing advances in IoT radio connectivity (NB-IoT, Zigbee, Z-Wave) for a target market of water industry experts, smart city systems integrators, and municipal governments.

Marketing Communications Manager


I initiated a sales and marketing function on behalf of a political technology provider selling canvassing technology to politicians, NGOs, and lobbyists.

Other Professional Experience


Public relations for technology companies; ghostwriting on behalf of technology executives.

Not-For-Profit Initiatives

The Impact Database

I created this data publishing platform because I wanted to find a way to communicate the changes that impact investing proposes in a more compelling fashion - and to use illustrative data to accompany words in telling impact's story to the world.


My core skillset is writing and editing but I've been involved in wide-ranging creative efforts (usually within the context of marketing communications projects for technology companies) that have given me some accessory skills like video production, audio editing, and even building websites with Git and frontend frameworks.

I have basic skills in PostgreSQL and data visualisation and greatly enjoy analysing datasets and deriving insights. To complement these (like the rest of the world!) I'm currently learning Python.

  • Writing and editing
  • Data Visualization
  • Linux, Open Source
  • Git
  • Video Production
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