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I don't have time to respond to every email and even when I do I tend to take my time about it (my work inbox gets most of my attention)

If I'm offline for a few days (or not making YouTube videos) it's always possible that I got marauded by a bear or am in the midst of a crippling nervous breakdown. But it's hopefully more probable that I just wasn't on the internet for a while or am just busy with other things in life.

I also quite commonly get asked on YouTube or by email to help fix people's personal tech problems.

I'm always flattered that you think I might be able to help, but I'm nothing more than an overenthusiastic geek with a high caffeine consumption who also enjoys writing. I get these messages often enough that I have to keep writing this paragraph both in the vein hope that it will stop the emails but also to give myself permission to continue ignoring them. Sorry to hear that your router. But even if it were my own router, summoning up the willpower to fix it would probably be an uphill battle.

For that, you should hire a professional. But if you lack the time or money to do that, you should try turning it on and off again. I believe the fact that this fixes an inordinate amount of computer problems has great philosophical learnings to teach the human race. I am always trying to apply them.

Oh - and I forgot to mention that I also really hate spam. On the flip side, I *love* receiving the odd genuine message from a startup founder who actually wants to know what I think about their product or connects with something I wrote (etc). I think it really sucks that differentiating between genuine outreach and drip-email automation spam has never been more challenging. It's something that we (humanity) is going to have to figure out pretty soon, I reckon.

But I promise that in spite of all this I'm actually a pretty nice guy. I just wish for an inbox with less drip cadences and more nice emails written by humans who care and who aren't trying to sell you something. Drop me a line if you're one of those.

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